Photo by Maria Lang


Hi, I’m Amelie. I'm originally from Quebec, Canada. I have a French Canadian accent and I love wearing stripes. I live in Brooklyn with my two boys, husband and our high-maintenance cat.


In a city of busy lives and limitless character, I like to capture the unique energy of people and places. Street photography is where I found my passion and love for the art. To me, street photography was about communicating the feeling of a particular setting, rather than a stagnant moment, in a simple and beautiful way. This perspective defines my style of family photography.


I work to showcase each family's distinct voice. I want to capture those newborn cheeks and their inspiring impact; a toddler's restlessness and his awe for a new baby brother; a little girl's dress and her wandering imagination. And when a toddler throws a fit or an outfit is refuted, don't worry, I'm here to help celebrate the natural beauty of it all.

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